• W.O.D. Welder Hand Care Kit


    Our original hand care kit revolutionized the skin care industry with an easy to use three step system for maintaining hands. Our kit comes with a Pumice Stone, Salve, and non-greasy Cream to complete the hand care trifecta. Whether you’re going to pull 500 lbs off the ground at your next powerlifting meet, getting ready to compete in Crossfit, or training for your dream of becoming an Olympic Gymnast, make sure your hands are equally as ready as your amazingly strong hamstrings and rear delts.

  • W.O.D. Welder Callus Shaver (inkl. 5 blade)


    When you work hard and play hard, your skin can often suffer the consequences in the form of hard, out of control calluses. While they don’t pose an immediate health concern, not addressing them can have a major impact on your long-term hand, foot, and skin health.

    The w.o.d.welder Callus Shaver is designed for people like CrossFit athletes who often suffer from calluses built up from lifting, pulling, pushing, and taking on extreme WOD’s. And as any dedicated CrossFitter can tell you, when you start to rip calluses it can be downright painful no matter how tough you might be.

  • W.O.D. Welder Odor Crusher (3-pack)


    W.O.D. Welder Odor Crusher eliminerer al fugt og uønsket luft og kan placeres hvor behovet måtte opstå; træningstasken, skoene, vasketøjskurven mv. De tre små hørposer indeholder stoffet cellulose, som absorberer fugten mens hundredvis af små pebermynte og eucalyptus kugler sikrer en frisk duft.

    En pose sikrer frisk duft i små fire uger før virkningen gradvist begynde at aftage. Brug én pose af gangen for at sikre effekten i sammenlagt tre måneder. Når poserne ikke er i brug bør de opbevares i en forseglet plastikpose for at bevare sin virkning.

  • W.O.D. Welder Hands like RX (56g)


    The quickest way to rips and tears (and sitting out while they heal) is to have under-hydrated hands with thick calluses. When it comes to under-hydrated hands, our intensive cream is the tool for the job.

    Our all-natural Hands as Rx Cream promises the following:
    • A fast-absorbed skin cream that will keep your hands and palms supple
    and hydrated.
    • Counteracts the drying effects of chalk and the grinding your hands take on
    the bar, the bells, the ropes, and your endless pull-ups.